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Rev. 12/20/05

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i and happy Autumn Season. Thanks to those of you who have taken one of my workshops this year. I hope that in some small way it has helped define thoughts, questions or ideas you may have had. I also hope you got some questions, about yourself and the art world, answered.

After numerous requests for specific areas to cover in depth, I will be having three more workshops/seminars. All of the seminars continue to be held at Riley Street Art Supply, in their classroom at 103 Maxwell Court, Santa Rosa, CA. Credit cards and checks gladly accepted. Please call me at 707-823-9340 or email me at for more information and to register.

Come and join me, fellow artists, craftsmen and craftswomen, photographers, sculptors and agents with my special co-facilitators and guest speakers for any and all of the workshops. There will be a 20% discount for taking all three workshops. (This applies if you pay and register before or on November 15, 2005.)

"Licensing Your Art"

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 — 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

bout licensing your art and creativity and what it would be like to have an agent/representative to help you in the overall incredible task of continuing your work (art) and prospering from it. I will also have special guest speakers from this field.

Licensing original artwork is big business nowadays between museums that have entire floors dedicated to gift shops, and retail stores that specialize in everything from posters to umbrellas to magnets with famous paintings on them. In licensing their work, artists still own the pieces but give permission to another company to use the art on another product. Licensing is well-covered in my video tapes, and if it's something you're interested in or considering, please take a moment to read an article about me written by Erin Allday for the Press Democrat entitled, "Local Artist Lives by Licensing Work."

"The Basics and Foundations of Selling and Placing Your Art"

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006 — 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

overing all aspects of art exhibiting, galleries, museums and art festivals in great depth. The ins and outs of proper planning, selecting, mailing, creating a booth space, etc... And to prosper for all the energy and creativeness you put out. Speakers include: Bud D'Orazio. Bud is the owner of D'Orazio Digital Imaging, the printer of my giclees, prints, etc. Owen Kahn, photographer; personal, creative and corporate photography. Ed Rogers, Web Designer and eCommerce consultant. To mention a few professionals that will attend the lively spirited workshop.

During several of my week-long workshops, a film team videotaped my lively, very interactive classroom sessions, including all of my guest speakers, and the results are a set of four digitally mastered VHS cassette tapes entitled "Selling Your Art, Not Your Soul."   The areas covered and discussed are:

• An in-depth look at greeting cards, self publishing and marketing
• Making, framing and marketing prints, canvases and Giclées
• Selling on the Internet including eBay and e-commerce
• Licensing, copyrights and grants
• Museum and gallery affiliations
• Creating a business with your art/craft and being successful at it
• The individual worth of the art you produce
• Tailoring your art, and how and where to channel your energies
• Finding sources to co-create with you
• Balancing out your life in every aspect that you may want to deal with
• Dealing with personal issues surrounding you and your art
• Recommendations for related subjects

If you would like a preview of the material covered, a 15-minute VHS cassette tape is available for $10.00 including shipping and handling which will be refunded on order of the set of four tapes.  Each individual tape is available for $49.00, and the four-tape set is available for $139.00, shipping and handling included.

To order any or all of the tapes, please see "How to Order" at the bottom of the page.

Have you ever thought about writing and/or illustrating your own book for children or for the child within you?  Would you like to put together a family history or a book of poems?  Or is there a story you have always wanted to tell? 

I have been creating art my entire life and during my 42-year career, I had been asked many times to write and illustrate a children's book by friends and art patrons.  In January 2003, I was given an incredible opportunity to do so and the result, my book, The Magic of Hanalei Bay, is enjoying wide success.  I have gained enormous knowledge and background in the book publishing industry, and I tailored a workshop especially for those people who would like help getting started along their own personal journey of writing and publishing their own book.

If you would like to order a DVD or tape, the price is $49.00, shipping and handling included.  Please see "How to Order" at the bottom of the page.

Me at Westside School in Healdsburg, California — 2002
I love working with kids . . . it keeps me connected to my own kid inside of me.

I am also available for private one-on-one consultations, in person or over the phone, or I would be more than happy to visit your school or organization for a one-day seminar.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

I also have a book forthcoming written with art critic Sandy Thompson.  "Everywhere at the Same Time" draws on my extensive experience and firsthand knowledge in the arts and related fields.  It's a how-to book of what, how, where and when to have and live the passion as an artist every moment of your life and be successful.

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