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--Whats New in 2013--

Dancing by the Light of the Moon





Zak is currently just finishing up his fifth and latest children's book. A whimsical tale about the fish in our local Russian River, in a year when the banks overflowed. Click the image for a sneak-preview and pre-order instructions. 


--Whats New in 2012--

Eugene and His Magical Dreams

On March 15, 2012 I celebrated my 50th years as a professional artist. How lucky I feel to have and continue to do what one loves. I am deeply grateful to all of you! My ability to continue my art and craft, especially throughout the last 7 years, would not have been possible without your support, appreciation, kind thoughts and prayers. I personally continue my own creative odyssey...completing my fourth children's book, “Eugene and His Magical Dreams.

As with my other children's books, this work was not only created by me. I give thanks to co-author Karin O' Keefe, and all the editors and assistants who have helped me along the way. This book was written to inspire the child within us all, and looks forward to becoming a family collectors edition like my first book “The Magic of Hanalei Bay”, who's original edition is selling for over $400 on Amazon.com!



Conversations and Book Signing of "Eugene and His Magical Dreams"

Sunday Dec 9th 1pm-2:30pm

Join us for a conversation and book signing of local author, Zak Zaikine's latest book "Eugene and His Magical Dreams". The finished new book was completed in his studio in Sebastopol, California. The work in this full color 40 page book are not just illustrations, in the traditional sense, but large paintings on canvas that are fully resolved, some as large as 18”x 24”. They are also available as originals or giclees (the finest method of reproduction) prints.

Zak has created art his entire life. “ At four years of age I knew I wanted to be an artist.” Now, after 50 years of being a professional artist, his fully illustrated children's book is complete. “Over the last several years I have been asked to continue writing and illustrating children's book by friends and art patrons, and so this creative odyssey continues.

With his newest book he continues his tradition of creating art from the heart to inspire the extended community and bring joy and happiness to the world. Zak will take you on a most magical journey with his words and award winning art of his creatures who now seem to be popping up everywhere.
The Share Exchange 531 5th street, Santa Rosa, CA

Zak is now on See Me, see below for details on how to support him!

Please support my passion for art by sharing my work. Click "Support" to share with your friends on Facebook. The more support I get, the higher my chances of earning part of $125,000 in prizes and grants, including having a video of my work shown on one of the largest billboards in the world. Thank You! 

Click here to support Zak!


What's New in 2007


40th Anniversary of The creation of
The “Mandala” Series
“We Can Only Make It Together”

In celebration of this Event a limited edition of thirty three (33) signed and numbered castings in solid pewter and silver with a double plated gold plating and a signed and numbered edition of thirty three (33) castings in double plated bronze plating are now available for purchase. The total measurements (including the black finished pewter-silver base are 10 ¾” x 7” x 3.”

For more information click here >



New Art International 2008 edition featuring a ten page article on Zak entitled "Zak Zaikine: Man of Steel The story covers an overview of 20 years of his "Polychrome welded re-enforced steel works"... The majority of which were produced with recycled steel... Refurbishing the steel was a natural for Zak... As a former custom car builder and one of the early recylists of the early 1960's.



The 2008 edition of Who'sWho in American Art has just been published and includes an overview of Zak Zaikine's artistic career along with 5 full-color pages of Zaks' artwork. In addition there is a companion website that you can view to see more of Zaks' work.

View Zak Zaikine's coloful listing in the Who'sWho In American Art Artist's Gallery.

What's New in 2007

August - September

Zak Zaikine, nationally recognized artist, sculptor and local area resident (Sebastopol, California) was awarded and Ester and Adolph Gottlieb Foundation grant late last fall and has just become a recipient of another presitigous grant, that of the Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grant.

New York City “Awarded” an Artist Fellowship grant from The Artist Fellowship Foundation. The Artist Fellowship Foundation is the oldest established artist organization in America

In his confirmation letter the foundation encourages recipients to inform the other artists in all creative endeavors to apply. Search the internet for more information under grants an fellowships. Thank you.

What's New in 2006

Order your copy now!

The Cloud

"A Mother's Love" a wonderful tale, based on a true story, that I wrote and illustrated, has just been published. It is a sweet story of a small litter of kittens that arrived to an artist's family and how they were reunited with their mother. This book follows the success of my first book, "The Magic of Hanalei Bay" that I wrote after a visit to my daughter in Kauai.

I have been a beneficiary of a CERF loan and grant. I have decided that a portion of the sales from "A Mother's Love" will go directly to a fund, within CERF, to aid other craft folks in need as a result of the devastating hurricanes in the South.

I now have a limited edition of 1000 numbered books available for purchase. The book is printed on recycled paper with soy based inks. Each copy will be signed by me, the author/illustrator, with an original drawing and a personalized dedication (at your request) in the front cover of the book. The cost of this lovely book is $30.00 including shipping priority mail. Send payment to: Zak Zaikine, 8885 Oak Grove Avenue, Sebastopol, CA 95472, or order your copy online, or by email. You may also view excerpts of both books on my website. Wholesale accounts on larger orders are welcome.



Zak Zaikine



Monika Gabriel, owner of M. Gabriel Fine Art, a gallery in Sonoma, California, represents twelve artists, showing a lovely collection of fine art, unique crafts and unusual jewelry. Now the work of Zak Zaikine completes her bakers dozen. She has a selection of figurative pewter/silver work and museum quality ceramics by Zak. Come March 2006, Zak will have a major exhibit there of recent paintings and sculptures featured as "the invited artist". In the meantime, stop by and visit the gallery and say hello to Monika, one of the most charming, knowledgeable and genuinely lovely art gallery owners in the art world today. The gallery is located in the Sonoma Court Shops just off the plaza.

25 East Napa Street, Suite D
Sonoma, California 95476
(707) 939-1890



One of Zak's magical tea pots is in a new book called Tea Pots: Makers and Collectors by Dona Z. Meilach. Shown is the Sacred Tea Pot Set, hand thrown with multi-layers of under and over glazes.

Creating the sacred Kiva Tea Pot was a life-changing experience for Zak Zaikine. The chief of the Santo Domingo Native Americans in Santa Fe, New Mexico, requested twelve ceremonial vessels for one of their rituals. Using the native clay representing earth, Zaikine created vessels that had only a black glaze; no color or marking. The use of monochrome surfaces led to the highly decorated sacred Kiva Tea Set using multi layers of under and over-glazes. He says, "I felt that the creation bridged two civilizations; joining the old and the new. They awakened primal feelings within me and I felt that I became the Kiva I was trying to make."



I've had wonderful working arrangements and licensing agreements with several companies who have used my images on items such as notecards, postcards, t-shirts, clocks, etc.  One very successful agreement is with Maggie Co. who uses selected images to create handpainted needlepoint canvases.  I am again actively seeking new companies and/or venture capital for fresh and creative marketing of my art and my two colorful and exciting children's books.  If you are interested, I would be very happy to discuss what I know will be a mutually profitable and fulfilling relationship.  Please contact me at:

error-file:tidyout.log P.O. Box 1342, Healdsburg, CA 95448

error-file:tidyout.log Phone  (707) 823-9340

error-file:tidyout.log Voicemail only (707) 523-8525

error-file:tidyout.log Fax (707) 823-6505

error-file:tidyout.log Email zaksartandsoul@yahoo.com


March 3-6, 2005
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
655 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

Show Hours:
Thursday, March 3rd, (Trade Only) 10:00am to 6:00pm
Friday, March 4th, (Trade Only) 10:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday, March 5th, (Trade/Consumer) 10:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday, March 6th, (Trade/Consumer) 10:00am to 5:00pm


error-file:tidyout.log I've done it again! I've created, written and illustrated my second children's book! Now I have 98 more to go to equal one of my heroes output of kids books, that of William Steig. My new book, A Mother's Love, is a delightful, charming and loving creation. With great warmth and wonderful illustrations, it gives us the importance of family and how a mother's love is carried for one's entire life.

To obtain a signed, autographed copy with a hand-drawn picture inside this beautiful hard cover first edition, please call me at 707-523-8525, or send $30.00 (postage and handling included) to:

Moon Valley/Zaikine Productions
P.O. Box 1342
Healdsburg, CA 95472

error-file:tidyout.log And to kick off 2005, I will be holding four exciting new workshops in the first three months of the year.  There will be three workshops on "Selling Your Art" that will cover varied topics related to creating your art, marketing your art, and managing your art in relation to your personal life.  And there will be one class in March on "Publishing Your Book."  I will also have guest speakers and professional advocates in related artistic fields who will co-facilitate these workshops with me.  Click on Events/Workshops for more information.


I am now represented by the Saga Art Gallery, and the owners, Leslie and Jeff, bring a wonderful strong intuitive agenda of true advocacy for the artists here in our beautiful Sonoma County and in the country of Brazil, and they donate a percentage of their sales toward the preservation of the Amazon Rain Forest. If you are ever in Sonoma County, it will be well worth your time to go by the Saga Art Gallery and say hello to Leslie and Jeff and to drink in the beauty of the works of art created by myself and many other talented artists. Click on Go Shopping/Shop in Stores and Galleries for contact information.


error-file:tidyout.log My artistic endeavors have taken me along many varied paths, one of which led me to become a writer of poetry. My first book of poetry was published in 1970 and three additional books of poetry followed over the years. The release of my new children's book, The Magic of Hanalei Bay, prompted a revival of my fourth book of poetry, Thinking of You (cover photo on the left taken by my daughter Anastasia).  I have added a Poetry webpage and I invite you to take a quiet moment and read three excerpts from Thinking of You which may now be purchased online.


error-file:tidyout.log In the state of California, in which the north is so different from the south that the state often contemplates separating the two, the communities in central California literally exist between the best of both worlds. There are still many vibrant small towns with a local market, drugstore, hardware store, etc. filled to the brim with the local people that make central California such a wonderful place to live and raise families. One of treasures of this area is a local newspaper, The Upbeat Times, for which I and my partner, Karin O'Keefe, wrote an article entitled, "Best of Friends Forever." My painting of this name was featured on the front cover as well. Since I'm certain many of my visitors don't subscribe to this newspaper, I've created a webpage with the text of this article which expresses our belief that despite our many inherent differences, we can all truly exist in peace and happiness and even perhaps, given the chance, become best of friends.


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Finally! My first children's book, The Magic of Hanalei Bay, is available! It was only a twinkle in my eye in January, 2003 and now I actually feel as if I've given birth which, in a sense, I have.  The Magic of Hanalei Bay was written on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, and it's a story of the local inhabitants and one of the animals that I have loved, owned, nurtured and painted extensively even before encountering them in Kauai. While I was on the island, I also sketched out the paintings which were completed in my studio in Sebastopol, California. The artwork in this full color, 40-page book is not just illustrations in the traditional sense, but large paintings on canvas that are fully resolved, some as large as 40" x 48".

Autographed copies are now available for $22.00 for the soft cover edition, and $30.00 for the hard cover edition, postage and handling included. Please click here to read more about The Magic of Hanalei Bay, or click on Go Shopping/Shop Online to order one.


Many years ago, I created the ceramic Moon Bowl for WomanKind, an organization dedicated to rekindling respect and appreciation for women's ability to create new life.  There are two styles, either pure white, or light pink with roses and leaves, and these lovely bowls are both decorative and useful.  I am now offering the Moon Bowls on my website, so if you are interested, please click here to read more about my Moon Bowls, or click on Go Shopping/Shop Online to order one.



I now have a Guestbook on my website, and I'd very much enjoy having you sign it.  Let me know what you think of my website, how you found me, where you live, what your interests are, or anything else you might like to add.

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For those of you whose artistic talents lie in stitching needlepoint, the very talented artists at Maggie and Co. will create wonderfully colorful and graphic needlepoint canvases from any of my images.  Each canvas measures 15x20 overall and has a hand-painted image of 11x16.  Click on Go Shopping/Shop Online to order the wonderful canvases created for me by Maggie and Co.



error-file:tidyout.log It has been another momentous year for me!  The highlight happened in January, 2003 when I was selected by a private foundation to spend 10 unforgettable days on the island of Kauai, Hawaii as their guest at the Gift House.  There, in the splendor of this garden island, I completed my first full color, 32-page children's book, The Magic of Hanalei Bay.  The sketches also made there are now fully realized paintings which will be featured in a book to be released in early 2004.  A perfect bound, autographed first edition will be $22.00, shipping and handling included, and we are now taking orders:

Phone (707) 823-9340
Voicemail (707) 523-8525
Email zaksartandsoul@yahoo.com

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