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Rev. 3/6/13

ulfilling your passion or just wanting to be creative?  I can help with your career as an artist or help you just follow your passion.  I am an artist consultant for gallery, museum, grants, licensing and general support.

I also offer you a full Star Power (astrological) reading to help complete the picture of what you've chosen in this incarnation.

I have personally worked with Edna Smith, Carl Payne Tobey, Linda Goodman, Enrique Romaguera, Dave Rudhyar, and P.J. Tyler to mention a few great and wonderful people, and I completed my studies with American anthropologist and shaman Michael Harner. And an added thank you for the gifts that "astrologer" Martin Schulman has provided with his thoughts, ideas, and in depth writings, being students together in grade school and continuing our studies with the "Divine Universe" we live in.  After 40 years of study and thousands of readings, I will gladly chat with you to set up a reading and price structure.

I began in-depth studies of astrology just before my first Saturn return, and then took the next 28 years to further understand what would happen in a second Saturn return.  As I guided myself through my own second Saturn return, I was able to understand what occurs during this twenty-seven to thirty-year cycle and how it effects each and every individual that I encountered through their natal chart.  Even with the closeness of twins, variations can occur on each individual's path of enlightenment. I feel the Saturn return is truly the real awakening and the entrance to the individual's strength and power should the individual choose to step fully into this transiting aspect.  It is a very blessed time in each and everyone's life.

In the culture we live in, it is considered that the rights of passage from a child to an adult occurs between the ages of 18 to 21.  It is thought that the apron strings or unseen umbilical cord is cut during this period.  After 40 plus years and thousands of readings as an astrologer, I've come to the realization that the first emancipation of each individual and the breaking away from the family and/or society occurs during the first Saturn return.  Then during the next 28 years (four 7-year cycles) the foundation of their life is created anew (generally between the 56th and 59th year of their life).  When the second Saturn return is treated with reverence, understanding, and deep insight, the individual can encounter a great liberation and transform their life and journey with joy, creativity, and enlightenment toward the third Saturn cycle.



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