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Cover photography by A. Sinclair

Thinking of you is my fourth book of poetry that came out in 1974. This is when I began to print only on 100% recycled paper stock. In those days the cost was considerably more for recycled stock but I felt I needed to do my part. (Now recycled paper is used in almost everything). Being among one of the early pioneers has allowed me to work on many levels with my art creations.

Please enjoy a few excerpts from this cherished book.


i gave up something
that I cared for
something we nursed
          gave love to
          and smiled at
when he chased
a shadow or
humped up
like a cut-out
on halloween

the pet we shared
has found his way
to foreign hands
new love
new life

the difficuties
in giving up the past
even a skinny,
meowing excuse
for a cat!


i'm drifting
to a harem
of the sultan himself
as the cool sea breeze
creates an oasis
in our room

your hands
fragrant with musk
gently soothe oil
onto my body

the lantern
flickers over
your disturbing
green eyes
while catching
glints of red
in your wild hair

surely i've gone back
in time
the silken harem tent
sways like windswept
clouds of gray and silver
as our bodies
     merge . . .

"i've passed this way before"

oh to be that
lonely pine
to guard the hill
and sand
to feel the cold
salt mist blow
as i watched
my needles fall
and cover cities
built by ants

in the winter
the snow would
pile around my feet
where i would feel
the rabbits pass . . .

If you would like to order Thinking of You, my fourth book of poetry, the autographed soft cover edition is $16.00 Add $2.00 for media mail (estimated time of delivery is 10 days) or $5.00 for priority mail (ETD 3 days). Quotes are for US delivery only.

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