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Page 1 — Rev. 6/6/05

t has been 50 years now that I have had a love affair with the earth, to be more specific, clay . . . all forms of it . . . right from the ground, packaged from a supplier, recycled, powdered, and in slip form.  I have pounded it, thrown it, poured it, ripped it, painted it, glazed it, and made love to it.  And it returned all my gestures and then some!

I am truly amazed with its capacity to teach me something new every moment I have worked with it.  Like a good friend that you cannot be away from for too long a time, it comforts me as I reflect on what we both have co-created together.  And I think how the endless ritual of all matter here in our world gets recycled, reworked and reborn with this glue that keeps us together.

The ceramic works on the following pages are just a small number of my ceramic works. All are hand thrown or hand built, and all are multi layers of under and over glazes  Unfortunately, my very first one is no longer in existence but if you have a moment, I know you'll enjoy reading about throwing clay and my first installation.

Some of my ceramic works, many one-of-a-kind and museum quality, are available for purchase. If you see a particular piece that you're interested in, please phone me at (707) 823-9340, or email me at

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