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error-file:tidyout.log error-file:tidyout.log have been creating art my entire life, in fact, I knew at 4 years of age that I wanted to be an artist.  During my 42-year career, I have been asked many times to write and illustrate a children's book by friends and art patrons, and I was given an incredible opportunity to do so in January, 2003.

error-file:tidyout.log Those who are involved in charitable, spiritual or artistic work and who give generously of their time and energy to support others are chosen by a private foundation to spend 10 days at the Gift House on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  The Gift House was founded for the purpose of sharing the beauty and tranquility of Kauai with people whose work in the world speaks of a generous heart, mind and intention.  It strives to provide a period of time for renewal and healing, a time to enjoy a relaxing and less stressful quality of a low paced life.

And oh, how it succeeded!  For 10 wonderful relaxing days, I got to roll out of bed, have a delicious breakfast and write, paint or sketch all day.  And during this time of renewal, The Magic of Hanalei Bay was born, a story of the local inhabitants and one of the animals that I have loved, owned, nurtured and painted extensively even before encountering them in Kauai.

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While most of the work in this full color, 40-page book was written and sketched on the island, the finished paintings were completed at my Sebastopol,  California studio.  They are not just illustrations in the traditional sense but are large paintings on canvas, some as large as 40"x48", that are fully resolved and available as originals or Giclées (the finest current method of reproduction). Please take a moment and browse through a few of my favorite selections.

The Magical Mermaid on the Front Cover
A Safe Dwelling
The King Chicken of the Sea
Journey to Safety
Why Is There So Much Rain?
Soon They Fell in Love
The Great Sea Mercat
Together Again on Hanalei Bay on the Back Cover


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