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Rev. 6/1/05

think my daughter was an artist from the moment she came into this world.  When she was only 2½ years old, she had her first showing at Art Ovations Gallery in the Presidio area of San Francisco, and she was selling her miniature clay sculptures at shows right along with mine by the time she was 6.  In fact, at many exhibits, she outsold me!  Today, her work still is still reasonably priced and sells out at all of her exhibits and showings.

During the early 1990s, my daughter created these wonderful ceramic mermaids, and butterfly dogs and cats.  We seem to inspire and influence each other's imagery . . . I've certainly been inspired by Anastasia to say the least!

Exhibit at Coddingtown Mall, Santa Rosa, California
Circa 1993

Cast brushed pewter

Anastasia drawing a mermaid in the sand
Bodega Bay Beach, California
Circa 1992/1993
(please forgive the black and white color of the second photo,
the scanner couldn't tell it was in color)

Me and Anastasia
Our first father and daughter exhibit
May 23, 2002

Me and Anastasia today

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